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WELCOME to our newly designed website!  If you’ve visited us before, then you’ll note that in addition to the RESTORED antique lighting pieces that we’ve always offered, we’re offering something entirely new:  UNRESTORED antique lighting!  These pieces are for the do-it-yourselfers or for our fellow antique lamp restorers out there who are looking for lighting in as-is condition.  They come complete with dust and dirt, may need parts to complete them, and are in need of rewiring and/or repairs.  We’ll do our best to identify any noticeable issues in our descriptions.  After that, the restoration of these antique lights is in your hands!  Now you have even more choices than you did before!  If this is your first time visiting us, welcome, and HAPPY BROWSING!

On both sides of our website, you’ll find a pretty wide selection of antique lighting styles, eras, finishes, materials, and manufacturers.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re always buying and restoring, so we’ll always have pieces of both restored and unrestored antique lighting  that haven’t made it onto our website yet.

We opened our doors for business in 1996 and are passionate about what we do, which is reflected in our attention to detail.  We’d welcome the opportunity to assist you with your antique lighting needs.

MANUFACTURERS: We have many vintage lamps that are signed by known manufacturers, including but not limited to:

Restored Lighting Ceiling Fixtures Floor Lamps Table Lamps Wall Sconces Unrestored Lighting Ceiling Fixtures Floor Lamps Table Lamps Wall Sconces
  • Bradley & Hubbard
  • Consolidated Glass & Lamp Co.
  • Edward Miller Co.
  • Cephas B. Rogers
  • Jefferson
  • J. J. Braze & Co., NYC
  • Herco Art Co.
  • Porcelier
  • Salem Brothers
  • Electrolier
  • Rembrandt
  • Lightolier
  • Aladdin
  • A&R
  • Rainaud
  • Royal Art Glass Co.
  • Pittsburgh Lamp Brass & Glass Co.
  • Greist Mfg. Co.
  • Wenczel Co.
  • Heart Studios
  • Rayo
  • Lincoln
  • Moe Bridges
  • Angle Lamp Co.
  • Adjusto-Lite
  • Handel Lamp Co.
  • Emeralite
  • Brascolite
  • Beardslee
  • Mutual Sunset Lamp Co.
  • Prensaich Porzellan Manufactur (PPM)
  • A.P. Co.
  • Artcraft Fixture Co.
  • Franklin
  • Royal Co., NY
  • The Best Company
  • Paull’s Leader
  • Triplex Standard Stamping Co.
  • Milcast
  • Globe Lighting Fixture (GLF) Mfg Co.
  • Artistic Brass & Bronze Works
  • JF Palmborg