Early phonograph horns converted to novel chandeliers

In our antiquing escapades to find suitable lighting for our business, we have seen a number of unique objects converted into lighting — tea caddies, police statues, deer hooves, bucking bronchos, wagon wheel hubs, Post Office boxes, coffee kettles, fire hydrants, and a host of other things! After one of our clients brought us a phonograph horn to convert into a chandelier for his cabana, we loved the idea so much that we decided to hunt for a horn, convert it to a chandelier, and add it to our inventory. Lucky were we to find not just one, but two phonograph horns! They are now converted to ceiling fixtures and are waiting for just the right home.

Beautiful Ceiling Light Fixture Fully Restored

This three-armed gas fixture​ was in rough shape when it came to us to be restored and electrified.  We were able to straighten out all of the bent and twisted arms, and then we converted it to electric, adding fitter rings ready to accept a set of gas shades. Now it is a fully restored ceiling light fixture ready for a new home.