A novel wind-up candle adds character to our inventory

Novel Wind-up Candle

Have you ever heard of a wind-up candle? We hadn’t either until we found this one in our travels and researched it. W10-11777 is a 1920s reproduction of an early 1800s wind-up candle, with a single-strand wick and its own candle snuffer. It’s signed “Spain” on the underside of the brass base. Perfect for people who like conversation pieces!

Whale oil lantern with its original double wick

Whale oil lantern with its original double wickWhale oil lantern with its original double wick

Old Lamps & Things is fortunate to have a whale oil lantern in our inventory. These lanterns were popular from the late 1700s to the mid-1800s, so fewer and fewer are available in today’s market. Ours has not been converted to electric, and the burner has the standard double wick. The font slides out of the lantern for easy refilling. One glass panel was missing, so we replaced it. The rest of the lamp is original. What a great piece for the whale oil lamp collectors out there — or for people who just like good quality from the olden days!

Early phonograph horns converted to novel chandeliers

Early phonograph horns converted to novel chandeliers

In our antiquing escapades to find suitable lighting for our business, we have seen a number of unique objects converted into lighting — tea caddies, police statues, deer hooves, bucking bronchos, wagon wheel hubs, Post Office boxes, coffee kettles, fire hydrants, and a host of other things! After one of our clients brought us a phonograph horn to convert into a chandelier for his cabana, we loved the idea so much that we decided to hunt for a horn, convert it to a chandelier, and add it to our inventory. Lucky were we to find not just one, but two phonograph horns! They are now converted to ceiling fixtures and are waiting for just the right home.

Cast iron bridge arm floor lamp with original gold wash

Bridge Arm Floor Lamps

A bridge arm floor lamp is among the best styles of lighting for reading, knitting, or other close work. Placed next to your favorite chair, it sheds light from over your shoulder, right onto your work! One is currently featured on the restored side of our website (W1-18765), two are on the unrestored side of our site (N1-18405 and N1-18404), and we have others in our inventory that haven’t made it onto our site yet. Many designs available!

Difficult to Find Counterbalance Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for an excellent reading light, consider this difficult-to-find counterbalance floor lamp from 1925-30! Using the cylinder-shaped weight in the cord, you can raise or lower the glass shade to the height that sheds the most light on your reading materials.


M.B. Co., NY kerosene lamp

Kerosene Lamps

Need to light the way when the power goes out? Consider one of several kerosene lamps currently featured on Old Lamps & Things’ website. More coming soon, but if you don’t see a design that you like, please contact us for more options.


Table Lamp – Good As New After Restoration

We bought this shade knowing that the filigree overlay was missing on one of the panels.  We removed the glass panels, made a mold using one of the in-tact panels, filled the mold, let it set, and then shaped it to fit properly into the existing overlay. Then we soldered it in place, color matched to the surrounding metal, and put the glass back in place. So now we are ready to send this good as new table lamp off to live again.

Beautiful Ceiling Light Fixture Fully Restored

This three-armed gas fixture​ was in rough shape when it came to us to be restored and electrified.  We were able to straighten out all of the bent and twisted arms, and then we converted it to electric, adding fitter rings ready to accept a set of gas shades. Now it is a fully restored ceiling light fixture ready for a new home.